Art Has No Borders 101 Abstract Artworks

101 Artworks in the Animal Kingdom Cover with badge

101 Abstract Artworks is now available on iBooks. This interactive digital publication is the second in the series of anthologies from Art Has No Borders and features abstract and non-figurative artwork in a wide range of mediums from artists around the world.

The term "abstract art" is a very broad umbrella sheltering a wide variety of art; we use the term here to include artwork which takes departure from reality in depiction of imagery and focuses on the form, color and line in its own right, to that which is totally and partially abstracted or non-figurative expressing few visible connections to visual references.


101 Artworks Featuring The Animal Kingdom is also available on iBooks for animal and art lovers to enjoy. This interactive digital publication depicts 101 artworks of animals and animal life in a myriad of artistic mediums and styles, from the traditional to abstract.

Artists from around the world express their passion for the animal kingdom in this collection, which embraces everything from photographs of African wildlife to paintings of domestic pets to abstract sculpture. The anthology imposed no limitations on media or subject within the theme, leading to a comprehensive and interesting discovery into the world of animal art.

Published by Pandora Publications for Art Has No Borders these digital anthologies are made exclusively for, and available to download on, iBooks.